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If it’s a popular Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza dish, we do it, choose your favourite from our extensive delivery menu. Pizza Panda prices are very reasonable and our delivery is reliable. Take a look at our online menu for some of your favourite Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza dishes!

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cheese and tomato


cheese, tomato and mushroom


cheese, tomato and ham


cheese, tomato and double pepperoni


cheese, tomato and fresh sliced tomato


cheese, tomato, chicken and mushroom

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470 reviews


  • Really bad food tonight garlic bread with cheese was ok but i ordered chips and cheese grated and instead got chips and cheese sauce so that was wasted, the chicken tasted off, waste of money


  • Burgers are usually great. Advertised as with salad as standard, no salad. Chips limp and soggy. We order a lot so please sort it out.


  • Very late! Nothing else to say.


  • Never had a bad takeaway from here cheers guys


  • I ordered it at 20:30, and didn't recieve it until 23:30. It was the first time Pizza Panda has ever disappointed me.


  • pizza is top notch, my new fave, excellent quality all round


  • Usually a good takeaway last night was terrible. They've replaced their usual cheese with something bad tasting that sticks to your teeth. 2 pizzas & a garlic bread straight in bin!


  • super fast super nice


  • sound


  • Seriously good pizza. The food arrived within the allotted time and it was worth waiting for. My daughter tried the BBQ pizza and she loved it.


  • ordered pepperoni on my pizza and got salami which i don't like and the pizza was cold on arrival....disappointing


  • Definitely wasn't worth the 1 hour 50 minutes wait


  • After being a regular customer for a very long time, I'm never going to order again from Pizza Panda. Over 2 hours I had to wait this time and after ringing up to let them know about this, the guy on the phone couldn't care less and only apologised after I asked him why he hadn't! Really great food but their delivery and customer service skills are awful.


  • Having waited over two hours for delivery (long, long past the estimate), we were on hold to Hungry House on the phone when it eventually arrived. Food not very warm, but was nice enough in terms of taste. Used this takeaway many times calling in, in person, but no longer.


  • Not great , strange delivery man